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The Poke Hook Up - Come get hooked up Austin, Texas. We're serving Lakeway community in Austin with the best poke bowls!

The Full 


Meet your new favorite Poke Shop Owners!

Mark and Lili Schulte met in 1986 in Point Loma, a beach community in San Diego CA where they both attended college. After eight years their friendship grew into love, and they were married in 1994. They celebrated their 30Th anniversary this February.  

Mark, a native Texan grew up in Houston and spent much of his youth weekends and summers at his parents’ bay house fishing the bays and honing his surfing skills on the coast around Freeport, TX.   After high school he moved to San Diego to attend college and to be closer to Pacific Ocean.  During the summers this avid waterman worked on the tuna boats as a deckhand, Bluewater spearfished and polished his surfing skills on the beaches of So-Cal when time was allotted. 

Lili, a native Californian grew up in Pasadena CA and spent every summer at her Parents’ beach house in Del Mar, CA. Lili’s love for the ocean was apparent from the beginning. Her Mom had to drag this “Water Bug” out of the surf line every evening around sunset.


Mark and Lili’s deep connection with the ocean and the abundance of seafood in the San Diego area influenced their seafood pallets over the years. Being that Mark was an avid waterman and freediver, after work he would freedive for lobster, abalone, and spearfish on the reefs in Point Loma. On the weekends he would bluewater spearfish 40-60 miles off the coast for Yellowtail (Hamachi) and Yellowfin Tuna(Ahi).  You could say the seafood dinners were extremely fresh at the Schulte house.

Mark and Lili have two children, Liam 24 and Barton 21. Both are attending college; Liam is in Tokyo and Barton is here in Austin.  Both Liam and Bart love seafood and in particular sashimi.  Mark and Lili introduced sashimi fish to them at a young age.

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